Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some Mysteries Solved .

A lot of times, I get asked the question "where do you get the items you sell?"

I get them from a lot of places. It all started selling what I already had, that didn't fit right, look right, or plain ole was just never worn. I am an avid shopper-without-trying-on-ner. Also, I will buy ANYTHING if it is super cheap, like under three dollars.

So needless to say, Over time, I have accumulated a lot of clothes. I collect a lot of things, and Name Brand Items is one of them. If I am at a Thrift Store and stumble across a pair of Chico's pants (which happens often here in Destin) I will grab them. Then I will usually show them to ppl I know, mom, grandma, friends, etc. to see if they want it. Eventually the item ends up on ebay. I am trying (wanting) to get more "organized" about the "business" .
I have ordered some new labels and such for my spiffy correspondence (which if you have ever purchased from me, you see that I make pretty

Other items I will get from yard sales, hand me downs, friends, consignors, the bottom of my personal closet, etc. etc. etc.

Welp, I hope that answers some of your curiosities about fine.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else. anything at all, i am a wealth of knowledge, with no job :)

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